Saturday, April 18, 2015

Looking for Young People of Faith to be Moral Climate Leaders

Concerned about climate change? Connected to a spiritual or faith community? Fossil Free Faith is looking for young people of faith* to become leaders in strengthening moral and faith-based calls for climate justice and fossil fuel divestment in Canada.

Climate Justice is the defining moral issue of our time, and young people have been leading the movement to address it. As governments stall on taking action, and communities across the globe experience more and more deadly weather events, the fossil fuel divestment movement continues to pick up steam. We're calling other young people of faith to join in. Young people who want their schools and faith institutions to stop investing in companies that destroy the planet.

Young people who see the need for their faith communities to provide moral leadership in the fight against climate change. Young people who know that their future depends on it.

In BC? Join us in person! Our BC Youth Fellowship Program will become a multifaith network of organizers, activists, videographers, artists, writers and speakers. We will provide training and mentoring around climate issues, fossil fuel divestment and clean energy reinvestment, social movement organizing and communications, and will help create opportunities to raise and amplify your voice. Find out more and apply at:

Elsewhere in Canada? Raise your voice online!The BC program is a pilot project that we hope to replicate in other parts of the country. In the meantime, we are gathering voices of young faith-based climate activists across Canada to amplify online! Share your story. Email us a photo or video of you, and a statement about why you’d like to see faith institutions divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in your future.

Or follow us on Twitter, and find us on Facebook, and then share on social media with #faithinmyfuture. Send emails of interest and questions to: Find out more at:

*What do we mean by “young people of faith”? We mean people under the age of 32-ish who are active or inactive members of religious communities, or connected to a spiritual practice, or who don’t belong to anything at all. Who consider themselves religious, or spiritual, or agnostic. And who practice these things in all sorts of ways. We mean people who believe that our diverse spiritual and faith communities can be a force for good. We mean people who have faith in a better, cleaner, fairer, more just future. Quite possibly, we mean you.


Fossil Free Faith is a interfaith network of passionate volunteers from around Canada supporting and engaging one another and our faith institutions about climate justice, fossil fuel divestment / reinvestment, and the role of bold faith in strengthening our shared future.

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