Saturday, December 20, 2014

Consumerism Versus the Real Meaning of Christmas

During the holidays there is the constant push to find the perfect gift. Department stores and product lines inundate us with the message that we must purchase expensive or unique gifts in order to display our love and affection. Commercials love to tell us that the meaning found in all gifts is in its extravagance. As last year’s Canadian Tire commercial unabashedly declared, “Why purchase an ordinary looking sweater when you can purchase a snow-blower?” The lesson was clear, the purchase of a $150 snow blower for my wife would be a more thoughtful, romantic and meaningful gift than a $60 sweater.

Sadly, this is a lie that so many by into. It is a lie upon which the frenzied chaos (and sometimes violence) of Black Friday. Cyber-Monday, and Boxing Day is built upon. Recently, the company Cards Against Humanity attempted to highlight this lie, and expose the manner in which blind consumerism hijacks the true celebration of the holidays.