Thursday, February 12, 2015

Divestment and Reinvestment Resource: Fossil Free Faith

Fossil Free Faith is an excellent resource for Global Divestment Day which takes place on February 13 & 14.

This site offers information and encouragement for faith communities looking to explore their divestment options. It is intended to help Canadian faith groups engage climate action, especially around fossil fuel divestment and clean energy reinvestment.

Fossil Free Faith is a multi-faith consortium made up of passionate volunteers from around Canada supporting and engaging one another and our faith institutions about climate justice, fossil fuel divestment / reinvestment, and the role of bold faith in strengthening our shared future.

They host a dedicated web resource page, Facebook page, Twitter, and Google group to share ideas, resources, challenges, and inspiration around climate action.

Why divestment?

Time is running out to promote the deep structural changes needed to mitigate the climate crisis. Actions to lower individual environmental footprints are crucial, but, by themselves, not enough to move us towards a clean energy future for our children. We need to embrace the courage and hope our faith provides us, and be unafraid to confront and change our dependency on a fossil fuel based economy.

Our role is to encourage fair and inclusive conversations on the economic actions that faith communities can spearhead to end our reliance on fossil fuel. We aim to help educate faith communities on the range of economic options available for moral discussion and action on fossil fuel divestment, shareholder advocacy, and local renewable energy re-investment opportunities.

Our Hope

Our hope is that this initiative will act as an important bridge between Canada’s faith communities and the larger fossil fuel divestment movement. By encouraging faith communities to step up and engage on this issue, we have the opportunity to help position faith communities as leaders for common good change. Strengthening faith-based collaborations around climate action will inject needed energy, creativity, and moral authority into this vital movement for change.

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Please click here and here, to see why the Stewardship of the Environment Committee is advancing a motion advocating for fossil fuel divestment in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

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