Friday, November 24, 2017

What Faith Groups can Teach us about Climate Communications

Climate communication is a complex topic but faith groups provide compelling examples of how it can be done. Rather than facts and figures, faith groups speak in terms of narratives. Climate change adversely impacts us all, especially the poor. ' So independent of environmental justice, this is a powerful social justice issue. "This is the issue of humanity," the Dalai Lama said.

"If you are in church rgualrly you are in the business of looking for moral causes, your there becaus you think your life is better for a spiritual aspect expressed in daily action and climate change, climate activism is a big part of this."

Churches and mosques can teach us a great deal about spreading the climate change message. Leading faith groups have championed the cause of climate action and encouraged their members to engage.

The Guardian explores what climate activist can learn from religion. In addition to its narratives, it specifically explores sacrifice and salvation.  It is not about blame it is really ultimately all about love and about actions that articulate that love.

The podcast narrated by Aleks Krotoski and produced by Francesca Panetta, Alannah Chance, Lucy Greenwell, Harriet Green, Jason Phipps. Sound design is by Chris Wood and original music by Matthew Herbert

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