Thursday, September 19, 2019

Support Climate Action Ring Your Church Bells!

We believe that ringing the bells in the cities where the students will be marching by the thousands could send a powerful message to the world. It will provide as well immense support to the students mobilized and will highlight the unquestionable leadership of faith communities in the fight against climate change. Finally, it constitutes a powerful sign that rings the alert on the climatic emergency that many churches have already declared.

Objectives: the action would consist in ringing the bells for 5 minutes during the youth climate strikes in the 20th of September, in repeated intervals of 50 chimes to symbolize that by 2050 our planet would be safe, and we will gather again to celebrate that our transition to clean economies was successful. Ideally, we would love that the bell ringing to be coordinated with the timing of the strikes. If you are interested in participating, we can provide exact timing for your city.

The bell ringing would take place to both accompany the students and capture the media attention, becoming one of the biggest media hits of that journey. It will send a powerful message, not just to the world leaders that will meet on the 23rd, urging them to act, but it will be a strong sign of pastoral solidarity and support to the youth organizing these massive mobilizations.

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