Saturday, January 19, 2019

SEC's 4th Quarterly Report - Faith Leaders Climate Advocacy at COP24

The SEC's fourth quarterly report for Bishop Mary was prepared by the Stewardship of the Environment Committee (SEC) in January 2019. In addition to reviewing the SEC's fourth quarter efforts, this edition focuses on COP24 and faith leaders climate advocacy.  It also explores why faith leaders are good climate leaders.

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As always we welcome your comments and questions.
Richard Matthews, Chair of the SEC

To read the 3rd quarterly report focusing on the season of creation prepared by the SEC in October 2018 click here.

A Stewardship of the Environment survey polling people's views about the natural world reveals that Anglicans are engaged with nature and they are acting to protect and preserve it. The survey also indicates that Anglicans feel we all have a responsibility to act and the results suggest some meaningful ways to increase involvement. To read more about the survey click here. Anglicans who took the poll said indicated that they are overwhelmed by the scope of the problem and many are not sure what they can do. In response the SEC is putting together helpful tips called the Eightfold Path of Environmental Action. They are being developed in consort with a video that is scheduled for release in 2019.  The latest post is titled Right Speech - Effective Environmental Communications

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